About Enrichment Programs

Our diverse enrichment programs offer opportunities for students to achieve developmental and cognitive milestones while, well, having fun! All of our Enrichment Programs take place after lunch and are optional. The minimal costs vary from year to year and are dependent on the amount of classes in each session and the company providing the class. We offer two sessions per year, one in fall and one in spring.


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.  Students will explore these five concepts in a fun and safe environment while igniting their curiosity and fostering a sense of pride for their achievements.

This class is fun, messy, creative, imaginative, and forward-thinking. In each class, children initiate their new activity with a challenging focus question. They are introduced to new experiences while reflecting upon their thinking process.  They are constantly engaged with hands-on activities and must critically think upon open-ended questions while they solve the challenging essential question.  This process helps children improve upon their experiment and understanding of the science concepts presented.

STEAM is presented by our very own Mrs. Sue Joo, twice a year during our two enrichment sessions on Mondays and/or Fridays. This limited-availability class is only available to our Pre-K students who stay for the afternoon programs (A & B Plans).

Surface Fitness

This class is designed for preschool children to enjoy working out and take pleasure in basic fitness and activities. The period of the most rapid development of movement skills is between ages 3 to 5. This age range is the most important time to promote physical activity in children. Fundamental motor skills are the building blocks for future movement activities and these skills must be taught and reinforced. Our activities are developmentally appropriate and incorporate academic concepts. Each activity will include running, jumping, galloping, sliding, balancing, throwing, kicking, eye-hand-foot coordination, and spatial awareness. The weekly fitness activities will comprise a variety of obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, collecting and sorting, and fitness centers in small groups to provide an engaging, fun, and creative environment.

Surface Fitness is offered twice a year during our two enrichment sessions on Tuesdays.  It is optional for families take part. For more information and biographies of the trainers, visit www.surfacefitnessinc.com.

Revolution Dance Center

Revolution Dance Center is a local company that brings the dance studio to Valley Vista. With their specially designed classes and professionally trained dance instructors, RDC offers a variety of options. Every year may be different, but RDC offers Tap & Ballet, Hip Hop, and Musical Theater for all ages.

RDC Classes are offered on Wednesdays and Thursday during our two enrichment sessions. It is optional for families take part. For more information and biographies of the instructors, visit www.revolutiondancecenter.com

Foreign Language

Learn Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture with Miss Christine! This program, tailored for preschoolers, is an interactive theme-based course that uses different methods and modalities to encourage students to learn and use the language. Miss Christine provides an exciting learning experience through song, dance, stories, movement, games, and hands-on activities. This class is not included in our program, but is offered twice a year during our two enrichment sessions on Thursdays. 

The foreign language offered may change depending on the availability of the teacher and available opportunities that year.